Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Aylesbury Rotary Rounders Tournament is Back! Sunday 8th June 2014 Aylesbury Rugby Club

If the last time you played rounders was when you were seven years old on a damp afternoon as part of a one off school fun day, then you've been missing out.  Rounders is making a come back. You may have been batting about with or without your children, around the parks, on the beach, sitting around the sidelines, or completely forgotten rounders existed!

The\ Rotary Rounders Tournament is an afternoon for adult teams to compete for (fun) prizes and medals. We encourage local businesses and community groups to enter teams. It only costs £20 for a team of 8 and as it will be a round robin event you will get in a few games in the afternoon.

To find out more and how to enter your team, please go to our information page.