Tuesday, 31 December 2013

9 Highlights from the 2013 Santa Carol Float

  1. The generosity of Aylesbury residents (we'll advise the final total in a few weeks time after gift aid has been claimed);
  2. The team effort between Rotarians, Charities, members of the community, Girlguiding, Scouts and friends;
  3. The local family who gave the Float parking space each night, put the tarp over it in howling winds, cleaned it and generally spent three weeks looking after it;
  4. The Buckingham Park community who so wonderfully welcomed us and worked with us when the generator failed - came up with a plan B and we had a superb night and learnt what a fabulous community spirit they have.
  5. The children who post letters in the collection buckets - wonderful surprises for us.
  6. Broughton Avenue estate who turned out in their masses and raised a record two bucket loads on a very wet and windy night.
  7. The unknown and unnamed families who opened their doors to let collectors in for emergency uses of their toilets! True heroes!

In February 2014 we'll be holding a dinner and handing out the cheques to charities and explaining more about the money raised. We'll also be announcing more in the press about the plans for Christmas 2014.  If you'd like to help in any way, then do contact us.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Weather cancels Santa's tour of Langdon/Ambleside

Even Santa can't control the weather. His elves go out in all weather and only in very exceptional circumstances do we cancel in advance. Today, Monday 23rd December, the MetOffice has declared a really unsafe day to be on the roads in any vehicle, let alone a high sided trailer, hanging out the top of a chimney.

When we make the decision to cancel we take into account not only the actual time taken going round the houses, but also the time picking up the float and taking it back to it's secret parking place. We are on the road from around 4pm until 9pm. In very wet weather we also consider the needs of the collectors and ensure they are able to have a short cut back to their cars after one hour if they get completely wet.

So, yes, this is one instance we have declared a cancellation, as advised, for safety reasons.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Well done Aylesbury £4,000 raised so far - 6 days to go

Through the generosity of Aylesbury residents and the commitment of a band of committed volunteers, the Santa Carol Float has so far (up to 16th December) raised £4,000. This is an excellent total.

We did Mandeville Rd area last night

The Coppice tonight (Wednesday 18th) - Medical Detection Dogs Charity helping out)

Tomorrow 19th we are around the Broughton Ave area

Friday night its a loop around Ingram Avenue patch

Then Saturday evening it's a wiggle around Elmhurst

Sunday its the turn of Weedon rd/East Quarrendon (the Scouts are helping out that night)

And finally on Monday 23rd we end up in a corner of Bedgrove/Langdon Avenue area - we start off near Jansell square in case you want to give us a send off around there.

On Saturday and Sunday during the day we will be at Hale Leys, opposite M&S

As always, our routes are a bit random as we change according to parked cars and we try to spread the joy around and go down different streets each year.  We gather at 5:30 pm, set off soon after and turn off the lights and music by 8pm latest (Council restrictions).

Give us a wave, a toot and a smile  if you pass by.