Monday, 19 December 2011

Santa is making an extra visit to Aylesbury

By popular request, Santa will pay a special visit to Hale Leys Shopping Centre on Friday  23th December in the afternoon. He will still be visiting Bedgrove in the early evening, as planned.

New Member Judy Freeman welcomed at her first meeting

Sarah Fraser (right) welcomes Judy Freeman (left) to her first Rotary Meeting.

If you're interested in joining Rotary, please contact us

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Why Santa isn't getting to your street

We have posted information before about why Santa may not be on your street this year.  As some of you are worried about this, here is some more information to help you understand what happens which may leave you feeling like you've been left out.

We are a small group of volunteers who collect funds which are put into a separate charitable trust where they are managed properly. We go out every night in December until the 23rd, and collect every Saturday and Sunday in December before Christmas, We provide, along with others who volunteer their time, around 700-800 hours to get the Float around Aylesbury and manned at the Hale Leys Shipping Centre. If you walked every night with us, you would walk around 100 miles.

It's a big deal - and we love doing it - for the children and for the local charities who benefit from the generosity of Aylesbury residents.

By public demand we publish a schedule according to the area we'll be in. We can't guarantee to be in any specific street, and we change the routes from year to year. Safety is very important to us and we try to respect other road users and also try to manage the balance between access to Santa and the safety of children who come out onto the streets to see him. At times, we also change the route minute by minute - for the reasons listed below:

  • We go out in all weathers. In 2010 we went out in all but the most severe of snow storms. In 2011 we are experiencing drenching downpours which leave even the best protected volunteer soaked through to their underwear. Sometimes we abandon a trip part way because the safety of the volunteers and the public may be endangered.
  • We try to get down as many streets as possible. The main problem we face is parked cars, especially on some of the narrow estate roads. We need to be considerate of other road users and at times we are unable to get down a road, and turn around safely. Heavily parked areas will also slow down our progress.We ask for your understanding of our need to be safe. 
  • We love to see the children and do our best to allow them to experience Santa - whilst being safe. We do encounter groups of children, unsupervised, who try to climb on the Float. This slows our progress. We also encounter children running across roads, in their excitement, and again, we try to manage this as best we can.
  • We have to be off the streets by 8pm and we tend to start once the worst fo the traffic is over.
  • We rely on volunteers. Sometimes we are a bit short - sometimes we get let down at short notice - and this means we can't cover as much ground as we'd like, or at the speed we may like to. 
Thank you for your interest in the Carol Float. If you'd like to help us in any way, we'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Santa is still planning to visit these places in Aylesbury

It's a good job Santa's red velvet coat and hat can be tumble dried - he has got very wet in the last week! He's hoping the weather gets better in the next couple of weeks. Obviously he would like to visit as many places as he can, but he is also conscious of the need not to take too many risks in his travels.  If the wind doesn't get too bad and the snow keeps away he plans to visit:

Tues 13th*
Weds 14th
Watermead North
Thurs 15th
Fri 16th 
Broughton Ave
Sat 17th
Sun 18th
Elm Farm South
Mon 19th
Watermead South
Tues 20th
Langdon Ave
Weds 21st
Ingram Ave
Thur 22nd
Fri 23rd

(If you want to know the exact streets - see previous notes on this website explaining how we can't plan the exact route in advance.)

New Member - Judy Freeman

 On 12th December we held our Christmas Dinner at the Five Arrows at Waddesdon. At this event, we inducted Mrs Judy Freeman into Rotary. Judy is a financial manager and works for the solicitors Horwood & James in Aylesbury.  She's no stranger to the club - over the last 15 years she has attended many events and she has been an active supporter of our charitable, community and international service.

It's a real pleasure to gain a member so committed and experienced to helping others - while being able to have a great time doing so.

Welcome Judy!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Which street and which time is Santa around Aylesbury?

We do get many queries from Aylesbury Residents who are keen to know exactly which street we will be on and at what time. We've learnt over the years that the best we can do is advertise which area we'll be in. There are a number of reasons why we can't guarantee a route. For example, we sometimes find that cars are parked in such a way that we can't ensure safe passage for the Carol Float. We can do more streets if we have many volunteers to help - and sometimes we are a bit short. And there are unplanned events such as heavy snow or electrical failures.

We'll do our best to stick to the timetable. Listen out for the music - then you'll know where we are!

Santa sends his apologies

We're sorry to disappoint those of you waiting for Santa on Wednesday 7th December in the Mandeville Rd area. We had a fault on Santa's Sleigh which meant he wasn't travelling that night. This was unfortunate and meant you have missed out - so sorry about this.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Santa is out in Aylesbury on his Carol Float

Have you seen Santa round the suburbs of Aylesbury?  We're hoping he appears in his chimney...

If you would like to be one of Santa's helpers and learn more about the Rotary Club of Aylesbury and what we do for local charities, then please contact us.